Monday, September 15, 2008

Beans and her groceries

Jillian has cracked me up several times this weekend. This kid is serious about food! Maybe she'll be a great food critic one day LOL

She went to town with her Nanaw the other day and as she does with me she was tossing in food. Nanaw told her no several times but gave in finally Beans threw her a lil fit and Nanaw spatted her, which never happens so my understanding is she was pretty mad! When she got home I asked "why were you ugly in Wal-Mart" she said with a sigh...."I not talk about what Nanaw do to me"!

Saturday James was in town and cooked some fish , fries and hush puppies while I fixed the go withs in the house. We all immediately laughed at his hush puppies as they were lacking nearly in existence LOL they were so small! We sat them on the table and Beans was already sitting there and said "Thank you mommy, I love them.....what is em's" I nearly passed out laughing!


Donna said...

I say "what is 'ems" myself!Hahahaa...precious!hughugs

Brenda said...

She ate them anyway, little imp. Ha!

Sally said...

hahahaha I LOVE that kid!!!!