Thursday, October 2, 2008

SO Stink'n proud

As most parents do I often wonder if I am doing a good job as a parent. This week has proven that I must be doing something right at some point anyway. Beans stutters a little and we had her speech tested. The speech therapist tested her for about an hour and scored her and came in to tell me that she would see her back in 6 months for another evaluation but that she feels that Jillian is stuttering just to gather her thoughts because she has never tested a 3 yr old that scored as high as Jillian did in the language area of the test!

Alexis brings home a folder once per week with her grade average for me to sign along with all of tests. Since the first week of school she has brought home not only ALL A's but they are all 100 A's! AND today she came home with her little goodies and certificate because she was named student of the month!

It is totally wonderful to know that I have a positive impact on their early learning anyway. I guess when I told them the sky is blue, the grass is green and the definition of annoyed LOL they listened to me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

More Photos

Spent Saturday morning taking pics of the girls. We saw tons of opportunities but the skeeters and Beans stopped us LOL Beans is not much of a picture taker but likes to go along for the ride. Abby and Alexis get mad when it is time to stop. They love modeling for me! We had lots of fun!

Abby being a lake side cowgirl Alexis posing in her nifty hat

Alexis being a cowgirl

all of my girls

Wednesday is So Animated day at school for homecoming week so I made Alexis this Mad Hatter costume

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brenda tagged me

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Go back to school even if it is with my children and have a career other than being a mom

2. Move away from Helena

3. Take a great relaxing vacation with no money worries

4. see and enjoy grandchildren

5. Get out of debt

6. Just be plain ol happy!

7. decide what the 7th thing will be

7 Things I Do Now

1. Be constantly entertained by things my children say or do

2. sew and paint as I can

3. be a packrat with un-needed things

4. all the family duties except earn a paycheck

5. Take photos, many, many, many, photos.

6. love my children unconditionally

7. stress A LOT

7 Things I Can't Do

1. burp

2. make bread

3. go anywhere without at least one child

4. Sleep late

5. yard work because I am scared that my kids will get hurt in the process

6. Understand why people lie even when everyone around them knows they are lying LOL

7. catch a break money wise

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

1. Sense of humor

2. big ol arms (like my hubbys) I like a strong man

3. smile

4. Security

5. smell

6. conversation

7. stability

7 Things That I Say Most Often

1. well son of a bitch

2. stop acting like you ain't got no home training LMAO

3. can you just give me a second please

4. move so I will stop tripping over you

5. hush, dang my ears hurt

6. I don't know why Alexis

7. stop making a mess

7 Celebrities That I Admire
I do not really admire any celebs because to me they are just people that by chance got a lucky break in life and became "CELEBRITIES"








7 Favorite Foods

1. house fried rice

2. homemade bread

3. mac and cheese

4. Liver & onions

5. fried taters

6. salad

7. greens of any kind

7 People Who Need To Do This

heck I don't think I have 7 people that even visit my blog LOL

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Changing Seasons~photo Challenge

This one was tough because we have very few things that are changing around these parts so I dug out some things that would sort of work.

The first pic is an older one that was taken in March 2008 when we had a crazy crazy crazy snow storm here. I liked the way the pine cones and branches were capped with snow in the sunlight.
This one is of my niece Dallas. I took this one about a month ago. She just began college and I was trying to depict the new road in life that she was traveling...this was sort of a shot between me and her so that she could have a reminder that it can be a beautiful road if she chooses her paths carefully.
I stacked these into a pile at James' house Wednesday evening. These Acorns are huge compared to the small ones in my back yard. These would make for some happy Squirrels and Deers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fairy Photos

I made this fairy costume today, getting a head start on Halloween because Alexis will change her mind 5 times between now and then LOL last year she had 3 costumes. I like for them to be original so I always make their costumes. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Beans and her groceries

Jillian has cracked me up several times this weekend. This kid is serious about food! Maybe she'll be a great food critic one day LOL

She went to town with her Nanaw the other day and as she does with me she was tossing in food. Nanaw told her no several times but gave in finally Beans threw her a lil fit and Nanaw spatted her, which never happens so my understanding is she was pretty mad! When she got home I asked "why were you ugly in Wal-Mart" she said with a sigh...."I not talk about what Nanaw do to me"!

Saturday James was in town and cooked some fish , fries and hush puppies while I fixed the go withs in the house. We all immediately laughed at his hush puppies as they were lacking nearly in existence LOL they were so small! We sat them on the table and Beans was already sitting there and said "Thank you mommy, I love them.....what is em's" I nearly passed out laughing!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My mother in law and I drove into town Thursday to take all the kiddos to tae kwandoand as we were leaving the parking lot of a local shopping area I looked up the highway straight into this beautiful sky shot. I loved how the rays of sun beam up towards Heaven! Alexis is particularly fond of these odd but beautiful findings in the sky as she says they are the works of her pawpaw Norman that is in Heaven.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Helping sister

Alexis was doing her homework the other night and Beans was just tinkering with some things in the livingroom. Alexis said hummm bee, butterfly what else starts with a B..she was just thinking out loud and Beans chimmed in and never looked up...BOX,BRACELET, and Alexis had to pick up one anothers jaws from the floor LOL It is 2 yrs before Beans starts kindergarten but if she keeps paying attention to her sister she should have an easy time of it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Little Beauties

Beans doing her thing on stage in the lineup....myself and the mom of the little girl in purple were both laughing that our girls would much rather be out in a mud hole somewhere. She is in Jillians dance class...neither of them placed but were beautiful none the less!
Alexis and her winnings...She looked beautiful too and did an excellent job. She placed second and out of 12 girls we can't complain! She said "moma 2nd is better than nothin' huh" LOL and then she wanted the dress off so she could go ride rides LOL

Monday, September 8, 2008

photo shoot

Took some photos of Abby and Alexis over the weekend

Friday, September 5, 2008


My things with wings....I had so many I didn't know what pics to choose. I picked some of my favorite ones. Also please see my previous post..I am a new grandma!

I am laboring AGAIN today

This is Ned Thomas....he is such a rotten boy!
And Moma Kitty the ol bitty LOL

LOL okay so not really me but my 9 yr old Moma Kitty is having babies this morning! She has kept me up all night. She prefers to have kittens on my lap but she is in her box and meowing for me right now. She has had one beautiful orange tabby boy.

James and I got Moma Kitty when she was a couple of months old in October 1999 when we were moving into our first home together. She is a great little gray tabby. But man for lack of better words she is such a whore. I have made attempt after attempt to have her spayed and by the time her appt. rolls around the girl is pregnant again! I could abort the babies and her spayed anyway but my heart just can't take that! We have always managed to find the kittens good homes and if by some chance we are unable to find a "home" for them there are 3 barns at the prison where James works and the inmates love the company! James took one from the last litter to live with him but Rambo was a wild fella and kept him up all the time so he lives there at the horse barn now LOL We go check on him when we go up. He is well loved by the inmates. He roams the grounds during the day and at night he goes in when the barn is locked up and snuggles up with the horses.

I let the girls keep Ned Thomas, a kitten from Moma's last litter and he is ROTTEN I tell ya! He is meowing at the door now but I don't want him to disturb her so he is outside. I will post pics of the babies when she is done.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I labored today

Hope you all had a super holiday! I spent the day laboring behind the camera with 3 gorgeous girls as my subjects. My niece Dallas was in town for the weekend and after a couple of days of moving my Grandma we decided to spend some photography time. We went downtown and a few hidden spots I know of and to the lake. Got some great shots (I think anyway LOL) Jillian got tired so we took her to my mom and Alexis wanted to stay and play so it was just me and Dallas for the second half of the photo shoot! Dallas, Alexis and Beans sitting on the river wall downtown

Dallas, Alexis and Beans on the tracks in a hidden area downtown
Dallas trying to get beans to smile for me
Teasing Beans with ice cream so that I could get a grin
Alexis on the tracks
This is my fave shot of Alexis! We were at the boardwalk at the river
Close up of Dallas
Dallas posing at the confederate cemetary, just a few minutes later beans got stung by a bee
Dallas posing at the lake

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SO Busy

It has been a busy few days but I took a few minutes the past couple of days to sit on the patio and watch the hummers. I just love watching them. I have one I call the guardian because he always runs the others off when they come and then one (the one shown) that I call the showoff because she will literally fly inches from my lens but my camera never focuses fast enough to catch her. I am still working my way around the Sweets Challenge photos so if I leave a delayed comment that is why LOL

Alexis ready for school yesterday in her requested Raggedy Ann jeans. I am working on a raggedy Ann tote for Ms. Sally and I think that made her want some LOL. Back about a month ago or so we had a little outbreak of what the Doc says is pink eye ( I blogged about it LOL) well Alexis woke up yesterday and looked as if she was having a relapse but it looked better when I picked her up)
Beans at her Nanaw's house over the weekend. She can't fool me with that so innocent look.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

SWEETS~photo challenge

eeeekkkkk I for some reason thought that the posting was for the 29th so I had to dig through old pics because I didn't have anything ready LOL

Beans digging into her birthday cake last year! It was a sweet moment and a sweet cake

last winter I made some gooey brownies and set them on the counter to cool and went to the bathroom, when I got back to the kitchen Beans had helped herself to the warm sticky SWEET treats!

This one was just a few months ago...I walked into the bedroom and Jillian hid something behind her back ...when I pressed her for what it was she popped out this DOG BISCUIT! I don't know that it was sweet...I've never tried one but she sure was enjoying it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Teen needs advice

My poor Dallas (my niece) posted this bog on her myspace and I stole it. It broke my heart when I read it but I can think back to that time in my life and I know how she feels. Poor baby..she will be 18 next month but she is still my baby and I hate for her to feel this way but what can I do? I can even handle the stressed about class thing but wanting to stay with her brother at high school broke my heart.

It is only the 4TH DAY of College and I already feel like a failure!! Algebra is so hard and Im in a BIG KID class so I dont want to look stupid but i keep tellin myself that there is older people in there that know just as much as I do but honestly its not helping at all. Psychology seems like its going to be fun but.. I dont remember very much from the Psychology class that I took last semester in High School!! I grew up to fast!! I wish I could be starting kindergarten with Alexis or going to dance class with Jillian!! I do not like being a big kid!! The other day when I took Kyle to his first day of school I started crying because I wanted to stay there with him and watch after him thats what I'm here for.. and you know what he didnt even want me to tell him bye he doesnt even need me any more but i need him and im older than him he just doesnt see it.. But my Mom let me tell you what she is the only reason I know I can get through college. She encourages me everyday she ALWAYS asks how she can help. I feel to dependent on her though. I dont want her to think I take advantage of her AWESOME writing ability lol or all the big words. And I feel like Im causing her alot more stress in her life than she already has. But my mom, she is my hero, the one I can always count on. And my dad he says he is proud of me for going to college but when he says it i just dont feel the enthusiasm that I want to feel. Oh well I guess thats just the way dads are. I keep telling myself that I can succeed and I will succeed but it really doesnt seem to be working.. Mom I know you will read this but I want you to talk to me about it in a comment I dont want to talk about it in person NOW you know what has been bothering me lol!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The New Dress

As you know Alexis requested a long dress for the pageant this year and I am not so sure LOL It came in the mail today and even without her hair fixed she looks so dang grown in it. I think it looks great on her though. While we were taking pics all the neighborhood kids (about 15) gathered around and was saying how beautiful she was and she was eating it up to LOL The dress fits PERFECT YAY!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The school had a Pride Night this afternoon at 6:30 and Alexis was really excited to go so after picking her up from school, then taking her to dance we came home and changed to head back out to the school. Before we left I painted bear paws and PRIDE on their faces and arms for them.
Alexis showing off her PRIDE

Beans and Alexis sitting in the stands watching the cheerleaders

Beans sporting the red boots! She picked them out and kept them on the whole time!

Alexis being silly with her noise makers

I took this from the very top of the bleachers but they called everyone out to the field to dance with the football players and cheerleaders and Jillian literally drug Alexis down the stands to go. Alexis is generally the go getter! Beans was absolutely HILARIOUS dancing! I wish I had videoed it!