Monday, July 28, 2008

No Frog Kisses & Funky Eyes

Beans pouting because PopPop told her to stop kissing the frog......
but she just "WUBS HOPPIES" My personal opinion is that if this is the worst frog she kisses before she finds her Prince then I am in good shape as a mom LOL

Alexis and her funky eyes...Beans had it a week ago and Alexis woke up with the funky eyes too. Doc said it was not pink eye but just more of a cold in their eyes. None the less it is gross! It really was hard for her to watch the 3-D Hannah Montana Show but she rocked out the show anyway....eye boogies and all!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

5 Year Old Photography

Alexis asked me yesterday if she could take some pictures with my camera . So I let her and I just uploaded the photos and she took some really great shots, especially for a 5 year old

the water tower at her daddy's house..she even used the zoom on this one

Jillian, alexis had her fingers a little over the lens on this one and I just knew it would not come out well but it sort of gave it a smoky look.
My moms friends cat sitting on the entertainment center so that he could keep a good eye on my moms pomerainians LOL

One of Zach's sunflowers in nanaw's yard

And last but certainly not least, Abby posing for Alexis

Heck of a storm

wow it has been teasing us with dark skies for a few days now and it finally just hit. It is black as night and raining it's booty off. Darn it and I was just going out to mow the yard LOL I don't have any new pics downloaded right now to share but I am sure I will when the storm passes.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Numbers Photo Challenge

This was a tough one for me. I see numbers everywhere on roadsigns and such but not any real interesting signs etc... so this is what I came up with..

the first one is of my family LOL my mom and grandma were about to die because I wanted to take their photo after we finished painting my grandmas new house today. we were hot, sweaty and paint splattered but I made them do it anyway LOL there are 4 generations of Summerhill girls here *note the fingers representing numbers* LOL yeah grasping at straws for the number thing here.
left to wonderful grandma, my super mom, Me and Alexis and Jillian of course with her back turned because she hates the camera.

The big #1 is the roof of the local bank

Friday, July 25, 2008

The great wall of china redneck style

I was visiting my Aunt Peggy today and I thought I would share with you her Great Wall of China redneck style. We laughed when she first started but it is really cute and several of the cups actually became homes to little birds over the summer which made it more fun to sit and look at. I had to show it in 2 pics and it still is not all of it, her flowers were blocking some of it.

Lots of the fence has pieces that she has named like she has a coffee cup that is broken in half so it is "half a cup" LOL my fave is the bull in the china "closet" ....can you find it?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This~n~That Thursday

The following story actually happened the other day but it just crossed my mind again. We were visiting my MIL and my SIL was leaving and said "Jillian Bye" to which lil Beans replied "chicawowow" guess I don't need to let her watch Alvin and the Chipmunks anymore LOL

Today while at my MIL's Alexis, Abby and Beans were outside playing and Alexis came in sweating and saying "Beans threw baby aerial (the doll) in the Cedar tree and it was a long mission to get her outta there" so the girls ask to take a bath and they do. When they get out Nanaw says "good thing they took a bath because PopPop sprayed that tree yesterday with Karate" (a chemical)..I suppose it really didn't dawn on Alexis what she said until on the way home Alexis says "momma Nanaw said that PopPop sprayed Karate on that tree but I only know Tae Kwando"

I had to take Jillian to the doc today, she has been real croupy, snotty and we suspect she got a taste of pinkeye...yep pretty much right big bucks were paid to confirm that she is indeed snotty and croupy LOL ANYWHO Alexis just loves her doc to pieces and refuses to even see anyone else other than Dr. Gill Pillow or the nurse practitioner Jill. Alexis took her doll that had to visit Dr. mom because she was attacked by a dog and her arm was chewed off. She wanted to make sure that the cast was sufficient! Alexis put the doll on the exam table and proceeded to hide behind the table, Beans hid under the chair. When Dr. Pillow came in he started checking the doll out, just played right along which is exactly the reason we love him so. Beans quickly popped up and started pointing and saying "der's my dister". Before we left Alexis had to sing the planet song for him. The child has been performing for him since she was old enough to jabber. Most kids hate going to the doctor but Alexis often asks just to go see him for the heck of it.

Abby is spending the weekend with us so I better go check on them before they are all swinging from the ceiling fan or something.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The things kids say

While on our way home from the zoo Monday afternoon Alexis says mom I got a boogie. I looked down at her finger and saw a little crusty fella hanging on. I said well just thump it in Banny's (my mom) floorboard (LOL) snatch and thump I say cause I don't have a tissue and it is not a rolly kind. Mom looks at me and says well and least she is not a snatch and licker (ewwww we all say) and Alexis so innocently looks at my mom and says "BANNY YOU ARE A SNATCH LICKER" I thought my mom would have to pull her truck over to stop laughing. It would not have been nearly as hilarious but my nieces 15 year old boyfriend was in the backseat saying "what is a snatch licker, what is so funny" and Dallas was saying "nothing nothing nothing just shut up".

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zoo Trip

I am thinking this is butterfly fornication LOL I was just thankful they were covered since they were after all in public!

Not sure if this is just a baby flamingo or if he needs more shrimp to add his color although beautiful he was strange looking standing there among all the bright shades of pinks

There is a grasshopper hiding in here...can you find him

The girls caught this caterpillar but once we explained that he would grow into a beautiful butterfly they let him go

Up close and personal with the bumble bee
We took a trip to the Memphis Zoo yesterday and had a pretty good time even though it was the hottest day of the year! My mom doesn't get much time off so since she was off we took the girls and my niece and her boyfriend. I didn't get many of the kids because they were either in the stroller or all I could see was them running from animal to animal but I got some super pics in the butterfly habitat!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo challenge info

if anyone stops by here that is interested here is the link to the host for the next photo challenge which is NUMBERS to post on July 26th...stop by and leave a msg so that she knows to add you to the list.

Happy Anniversary

I am a couple of days late but I was out of town but I wanted to wish my mother and father in law a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...This is the only pic that I could find that had them both in the same frame LOL so it is a pic from my wedding and I was too lazy to go crop James and I out of it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Practicing Photography

My mom is "sitting" with an elderly lady who lives with her daughter in a beautiful old home in Helena. Ms. Sandra is out of town but left word that I can take photos of the girls in and around her home. I have visited there many times and found that the best light (or lack there of) was late in the evenings. The only thing about that is the girls are getting cranky around that time of day. I did manage to get some pics that I really like but I plan to go back again and try earlier in the day. I like the photos to look natural even if they are posed LOL and I love shots of Alexis and Jillian just doing their own thing and being unaware of the camera. There was just too much going on for that yesterday. Mom was sitting on the porch reading but then my Niece Dallas and her boyfriend Patrick made it into town so the girls were excited. Alexis kept "creating her own poses" which is great, Jillibeans just wanted the stink'n dress off and Meri Kate (my niece) kept walking in front of the camera because she wanted in every shot.

I might actually get a break this weekend..Yes being in the scorching heat with a 5 year old all day is a break! I have a ball tourney in Pinebluff. Dallas is going to keep Jillian, Alexis insists on going with me everywhere I go and I am taking Meri Kate home. The girls are pretty mad at me but they will get over it. Alexis has had Abby or Meri Kate here for the literally the past 2 months EVERYDAY/NIGHT they don't understand that means extra laundry, extra food, extra costs when we go places and extra headache because there are extra fights and whining. I just don't have the patience to get a sitter for one of mine just to take an extra one with me nor do I have the extra money. I told Alexis to not even look at the concession stand because I will have a cooler in the track with lunch and drinks. I have told Alexis until she spends some time away from me and spreads her wings a little then no more company! I will not make her spend the night anywhere because I can remember not wanting to spend the night other places but geeze go somewhere for the day and get outta my face LOL

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Morning at the lake

When sometimes meet some friends at the local swimming area on Wednesdays so the girls can play in the sand. Alexis has a pretty nasty ear infection so she was doing much swimming or anything else today. She is feeling sort of yucky but wanted to go anyway. I didn't get any super great shots of the girls but I did get a couple of these butterflies and these super cute little bids perched on the edge of the nest under the eave of the shower house.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Training Wheel Drama

Okay word to the wise never ever mess with a childs training wheels unless she requests it.! James moved Alexis' training wheels on her new bike because the back wheel was spinning and she can really ride without them but she isn't comfortable doing it yet....we went from THIS little determined doll giving it all she's got .................................

TO THIS SEVERELY ANGRY ALEXIS........I think she was really more mad at me for taking pictures of her being mad at her dad than she was anything!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Photo Challenge:Patriotism

This is my first time joining in for the photo challenge, this round was hosted by Karen.
The theme is Patriotism:what my country means to me. My country means the obvious to me freedom, Liberty and all the usual stuff but there are more things that come to mind as well.Seeing the excitement in my children's eyes when the fireworks explode with beautiful colors and sparkles.

Knowing that my husband loves us fully and provides for us daily and still has time to give us loves at the end of the day.

Knowing that I can give my children the sweet taste of childhood to enjoy on a hot summer day.
Just knowing that I live in a country where (for the most part) my children can grow happy and healthy with lives full of love!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008



From the moment I saw you I wanted to meet you, from the moment I met you I wanted to know you, from the moment I knew you I wanted to love you and from that moment to this moment and for every moment to come I will love you with all of my heart!

Monday, July 7, 2008

GRITS~girls raised in the south

I posted about the fourth and fifth but Brenda covered the high notes LOL so I thought I would share some photos from today. This is a better explanation of my blog title...these are my instant GRITS.

Wild Weekend

Many of you will visit me from my MIL's blog What's Up Down South
so I will not repeat the Hilarious stories of dead frogs in the fridge or the upside down fireworks however there is never a dull moment around these parts so I am sure I can think of something to type here. We spent Friday listening to Alexis and Beans singing their version of the great Elvis classic Ain't Noffin but a Ham Dog LOL which is beautiful by the way and we ate some fine vittles prepared by Nanaw and PopPop. Then we loaded up the kiddos to watch the explosive fireworks show at my moms firework stand a few miles up the road. Saturday was spent with me preparing the vittles for the Fifth of July celebration (yeah this is a new holiday in the South LOL) We watched the kids play and sat around being lazy until a storm rolled in just long enough to make us scatter. The men folk loaded up to drive down the road but a tree had fallen and they got back just as the storm ended and had the nerve to ask "why didn't you get the coolers" oh hell I don't know maybe because I was running chairs to the shed so you wouldn't get your ass wet when you plopped back down! This came after James asked me "why are you in the house" my reply "well I asked the dishes to wash themselves and the leftovers to get in the fridge but they just wouldn't do it"! Hope you all had a happy Fourth and a happy Fifth too like we did!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Other than the obvious meaning of the fourth of July it is a special time for our family. My mom owns a fireworks stand so it is a busy time too. My step dad was born on the fourth and although he is not with us anymore as he passed away 2 years ago from cancer we still think of him and celebrate this time of year. Alexis (my 5 year old) says that when we shoot fireworks Pawpaw can see them from heaven and he knows they are for him so shoot away so that her pawpaw can see them!
Before being diagnosed with cancer he had to have a liver transplant and of all times he was sent home on his birthday and was basically told he was being sent home to die because there was not a liver match for him and the doctors said that "it was a good weekend though" meaning that there are many deaths during the holiday weekend. My mom felt much grief and stress and said she couldn't believe that inside she was secretly praying for another families loss just save him. She felt selfish but couldn't hold back those thoughts. Of course we were never told of the circumstances but after the weekend they did find him a liver match and he lived many many more great years with us and then he was diagnosed with cancer. He was a strong man and pulled through that as well for many years too.
SO take this time to celebrate the obvious! Pray that the world stays safe and know that miracles do happen. Be an organ donor, it does save lives! okay I will stop rambling now LOL My step dad was just really on my mind this morning.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I will try to keep this going

A few years ago I started a blog because my mother in law seemed to really enjoy it but with so many things going on I was unable to keep it up. I have two totally precious little GRITS and they provide me with an abundance of humorous stories so I will try to better this time around on sharing!